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The following link to "BOOKENDS", celebrating ten years of the numerous collaborations with Ecological Art curator and editor, Nohra Corredor, New York City, USA.

Ecological Art features in depth reviews and essays on the various elements of environmental art, the artists, their work, environments and writings.

Co-Sponsors: Ecological Art-TV Book Huggers Events Welcome to John F. Ceprano's "BOOKENDS"/2011 celebrating a decade of collaboration... "SHARING TIME/AN INVITATION" 2002-2012 1998-The best term I can use for my perception/celebration of these anniversaries is a word Carlos Castañeda used in many of his books:"recapitulation", which refers to a recollection and review of a warrior's life journey and experiences, of what made the journey...To explain the term a bit better, here is an excerpt: Recapitulation-as described in Carlos Castañeda's BOOK "THE EAGLE'S GIFT"-consist of recollecting one's life down to the most insignificant detail...recapitulation begins with a list of items to be recalled. One then proceeds to work through the list one item at a time staying with the item until all of the emotions around the event had been felt. "Here is a sample...In 1998, the project was the first installation with a title and a sense of purpose and function. The title for that project was Fertility and Integration expressing a sense of abundance and fulfillment in the journey. At the beginning of the project, the work was vandalized with house paint, every rock was painted yellow. When I came to the site, there were numerous people there, some thought it was part of the 'art experience', while others knew otherwise. At first I was depressed and felt rejected, but within a few minutes, I went to a local hardware store, bought all the steel brushes they had, and returned to the site, planning to remove all the paint by myself. However, a dozen people offered to help and by day's end the rocks were back to normal, and the news media documented the event. What had been intended to be a discouraging act, turned into a celebration of community and spirit." John F. Ceprano/2012 Photographer Robert Agnel had the opportunity to capture the beauty of these sculptures on water as panoramic views from Ottawa in 2010 with G2PA (Geographic Positioning Public Art). His photographs vividly capture PLACE and TIME where Ceprano creates his balanced rock sculptures at Remic Rapids, Ottawa River in 2010. We thank Robert for sharing his public art exhibition with our online visitors. ECOARTNET-ECOARTPEDIA/2012 congratulate John Ceprano and celebrate as well the 25th.anniversary of John F. Ceprano's rock sculptures on the water at Remid Rapids, Ottawa, Canada Copyright ©1996-2012 Nohra Corredor

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