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“Irrelevant Acts”

presents a series of paintings addressing the de-evolution of the world around us. It is a curious balance, inspired by the disaster in Japan on 3/9/11. An enormous earthquake, followed by tsunamis and nuclear power plants exploding, spreading radiation across the globe. 
We are living in a time where the ‘tipping point’ has arrived. Nuclear power, the solution to growing consumption of resourses, became an experiment which failed and challanges the quality of life everywhere on the planet. The value of new technologies in communication and gathering information, compliments the challenge, while an awkward balance of interests is 'expressed' in a fever of passion of 'colour and the line'. 

These painting are a journey from disaster to adaptation with a sardonic sense of humour and light hearted frivolity at the mercy of the universe.

Pawns to Kings are one & the same.   


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