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Sculpture / Balanced Rock Art / 2001 Royal Family's Kabbalah

The Royal Family's Kabbalah

The royals have always had a passion for the occult, including Kabbalistic mysticism. Kabbalah was popular among Christian intellectuals during the Renaissance, who reinterpreted its doctrines to fit into their Christian dogma. For the royals, Cabbalism is a system of magic and is used as a modern form of witchcraft. 

The true essence of the Kabbalah is fundamental to Judaism, including the concept of the tree of life, and a singular God in all its various manifestations, male and female, and is eternal.

On Septemebr 11th, the character and energy of the site chaged. People gathered on the site for solace and courage. New sculptures were built after 911, and reflected upon the dimensions of a changing pardigm.   



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