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21 October 2012 19:24 |

OTTAWA BAWI (Balanced Art World International) 2 VIDEOS August 18-19 2012

Ottawa BAWI Stone Balance Festival

The delicate art of stone balancing on display

CBC TV 19 August 2012

http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Canada/Ottawa/ID (...)

21 October 2012 17:36 |


The following link to "BOOKENDS", celebrating ten years of the numerous collaborations with Ecological Art curator and editor, Nohra Corredor, New York City, USA.

Ecological Art features in depth reviews and essays on the various elements of environmental art, the artists, their work, environments and writings.

Co-Sponsors: Ecological Art-TV Book Huggers Events Welcome to John F. Ceprano's "BOOKENDS"/2011 (...)