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Sculpture / Balanced Rock Art / 2013 Ulysses, Prometheus, & Wonderlnd

"Ulysses, Prometheus, & Alice's Wonderlnd"

Prometheus is freed by Hercules after Zeus chained him to a ROCK for stealing FIRE from the gods and giving it to "mortals." Meanwhile, ULYSSES, after the fall of Troy, returns to Ithaca, encountering a Cyclops, Sirens, Scylla and more. Ulysses & Prometheus once free, travel in time to visit "Alice in Wonderland", and down the rabbit hole we ALL go with them. Nobody knows where the WHITE RABBIT will pop up.

WONDERLAND included OTTAWA BAWI (Balanced Art World International) Festival, in August, with 12 international artists; To view the festival and the artists, please click on the link provided below


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